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Timbal WorkshopTimbau Intensivo - Timbal Workshop

30.08. - 01.09.2024

Intensive course for all fans of the Brazilian hand drum and its crisp and smacky sounds. The timbal doesn't only has an important place in Samba Reggae, but since a few years it can also be seen in some of Rio's major Samba schools. It has a distinctive sound and brings a powerful, earthy but also modern aspect to any bateria. If you want to explore its full potential, it requires an intensive involvement with the instrument and the playing techniques in particular.

The workshop is aimed at sambistas and percussionists with previous knowledge, but drummers from other hand drum genres will also enjoy the Brazilian beats on the street drum timbal.

The focus of this intensive workshop is on developing a clean technique and good sound quality. Elementary grooves are the foundation for the systematic development of solo playing and improvisation. Thereby, important groundwork for solos will be laid and corresponding repertoire elements will be formed. During the workshop, the playing technique is constantly refined and improved in order to work out and develop the various sounds properly and ultimately to achieve high sound quality.

The focus of this workshop is on modern rhythms, after all, the timbal is still a relatively young instrument and has not only inspired the Brazilian music over the past decades, but also significantly influenced it.



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Fr. 30.08. | 18:00 – So. 01.09.2024 | 12:00
Lesson time 13 Hrs.
PAC Nord Berlin - Granatenstraße 4 - 13409 Berlin