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Granatenstraße 4 Berlin 1 13409 Deutschland


(030) 693 55 95 - (030) 695 095 27 in the evening

>> www.pac-berlin.de

  Ufa FabrikufaFabrik Berlin

The ufaFabrik is a self-managed „culture and life“ project in Berlin's Tempelhof district, and one of the best-known and popular cultural centers of Berlin.

With its bed & breakfast accommodations, café, organic food store, and many rehearsal rooms, we have found a wonderful location for our workshop, kindly provided to us by Manni Spaniol.

Here, we conveniently have the seminar rooms and accommodation at the same place. The lovely green „Uferpromenade“ (waterside promenade) along the Spree River's „Landwehrkanal“ is nearby, and invites you to relaxing walks during your breaks.

It is important for us that participants have good contact to each other and create a positive and energetic group dynamic. This beautiful place, with its long and rich „drumming tradition“, is the perfect location to make it happen.

>> www.ufafabrik.de/en

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  Wolfsburger Heim, St. Andreasberg / Harz
  Wolfsburger HeimThe house has room for 60 persons and provides good working conditions with its 230 m² big separate hall, which all participants could confirm last year.

We could finally drum right into the night without anybody feeling disturbed.

For relaxing in the evenings there’s a common room with a fireplace. A party room and a sauna.

Schullandheim Wolfsburg
Jordanshöhe 4
37444 St. Andreasberg

Tel: 05582 / 525