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Intensive workshop

01.11. - 03.11.2019

A whole weekend under the sign of the little instrument that can do everything: Pandeiro!

The participants can expect a very intensive workshop which concentrates completely on the most popular of the Brazilian instruments.


In the foreground you’ll have modern techniques and traditional ways of playing that mix, for example, Samba or Baião with Funk, Maracatu-rhythms transported to the Pandeiro and the development of new grooves. We’ll be using techniques from other drums for this as well.

Unlimited possibilities for a simple instrument.
Fr. 01.11. | 18:00 – So. 03.11.2019 | 12:00
Lesson time 13 Hrs.
155 €
ufaFabrik Berlin
Viktoriastr. 10-18, 12105 Berlin
  Accommodations: ufaFabrik Guesthouse - Tel: + 49-30-755 03 - 170 or gaestehaus@ufabrik.de