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  Workshop Brazil 2025

In Bahia, the Bay of All Saints, everything flows together musically. Just like our workshop trip, where you will not only get a deep insight into afro-Brazilian music and rhythms in a small group with Dudu, but also experience a taste of the Brazilian way of life first hand.

The 10-day experience includes 4 hours of lessons per day in a small group, with plenty of time to enjoy Salvador and the nearby beaches. The lessons are divided into phases in which you will learn the technical aspects of each instrument, focusing on instrumental genres such as xekeré, pandeiro and timbal. In the second phase different Samba Reggae styles, modern grooves, batucada and Dudu Tucci's own compositions will be the main part of the program.

Salvador - Bahia - Percussion Workshop

Cultural program

Since the workshop takes place directly at the historic Pelourinho, the symbolic heart of Samba Raggae and Candomblé, you can discover a lot of interesting and unusual sights during walks through the old part of the town after class. Music and the beats of drums fill the narrow streets of the town. You will find many groups rehearsing in the streets, as well as evening concerts by popular bands. For those more interested in the cultural background of the region, there are Afro-Brazilian museums and galleries that provide information about the history, country, culture and people. Right in the middle of it all, our workshop will take place. Dive right in with us into the vibrant life of this city rich in history and music and experience the colorful hustle and bustle of its people. Together with Dudu you can also go to concerts or visit Candomblé ceremonies.

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Drum workshop in Brazil

Before and after the workshop
You are welcome to arrive earlier to have a little more time to settle in. We are happy to give tips for excursions and have many ideas for activities to get you in the swing of things with the country, the music and the people. Small trips to the beach, strolls through the city as well as visits to concerts will reveal the uniqueness of Salvador and let us immerse ourselves in the wonderful and vibrant atmosphere of this city. We gladly use our many years of experience and many friendly contacts in Bahia to make your stay in Bahia as a participant an unforgettable journey.

Workshops - Sessions - Holidays

The workshop falls in the hot phase of the pre-carnival season. This is the perfect opportunity to attend the rehearsals of the major blocos: Timbalada, Olodum, Ilé Ayê or Filhos de Gandhy. The entire old town pulsates, filled with music and drums, buzzing with anticipation of the great event.

Salvador da Bahia
Salvador and its tropical coastline are particularly influenced by African culture and tradition. If you want to get to know the Afro-Brazilian culture, you will find music, percussion, dance, religious ceremonies as well as museums in endless abundance. In the historic heart of the city around the Pelourinho with its cobbled alleys, many rehearsals of the blocos are held in public. The old town of Bahia is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In the center of the old town and with a beautiful view over Salvador da Bahia is the guesthouse where we stay. In well-tended and comfortable 2-bed rooms with shower/WC and TV, it offers us an oasis to relax and enjoy the garden and the swimming pool. Very close to the happenings and yet a place to relax - total vacation. Friends and partners are welcome to join us (please contact us for information about prices).

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Mo. 06.01.2025 – Wed. 15.01.2025

Included in the price are: 10-day workshop with 4 hours of lessons daily. 10 Overnights in 2-bed Apartments incl. a hearty breakfast.
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Costs as soon as they can be calculated

dudu tucci workshop percussion brazil dudu tucci workshop percussion brazil dudu tucci workshop percussion brazil
dudu tucci workshop percussion brazil dudu tucci workshop percussion brazil dudu tucci workshop percussion brazil
dudu tucci workshop percussion brazil dudu tucci workshop percussion brazil dudu tucci workshop percussion brazil
dudu tucci workshop percussion brazil dudu tucci workshop percussion brazil dudu tucci workshop percussion brazil
Comments of participants
"What an inspirational 10 days with Dudu and Krista in Salvador de Bahia. Not only drumming but feeling welcome and at home. Making samba together  and learning a lot about the culture. Dudu and Krista are such lovely and caring hosts that we had a super experience, more than just a workshop or holiday. Thanks Dudu and Krista we had a wonderful time." Hans Angeline en Rens
A wonderfull time I had  in Dudu Tucci's workshop in Salvador. A deeper understandig of the Brazilian rhytms and their origins were combined with a lot of practice. Learned and played a lot, it was big fun! Techniques were introduced how to play different instruments, eg. the pandeiro. In no time the members were forged into a swinging group, having lots of fun! Dudu thank you for your excellent teachings and Krista for good organisation of all. A fantastic time together with the group. So thankful being in this wonderful place in Salvador, the heart of the samba! 
Henk, the Netberlands 
Dear Sambafriends, what an unforgetable experience were those 10 days with you all. I'm now sitting in 'our' garden in de posada ......
for the last hour before we have to go to the airport. I loved being here with you all. Dudu' s samba lessons, Krista's hospitality it was a warm bath in wich I  could experience not only new samba songs playing together but allso,thanx to the loving effort of Dudu and Krista, getting to know a small part of beautifull Brasil. Salvador, the city, the food, the friendly people, the culture, the history, the music❤
My heart is open for Samba, for Brasil thanx to you all.
Dudu and Krista you were the best
A huge thank you to Dudo and Christa for the two-week workshop in Bahia. A really unforgettable experience: beside the workshop itself and the flawless organization, I can't leave behind the stay in a very beautiful pousada surrounded by nice and warm people.// S.
Summer, palm trees, sunshine - what could be better than this? Well, a workshop with Dudu and a lot of other lovely people on top! What would be a better place to get to know, love and play Brazilian music than at the very roots of its beginnings? Probably nowhere. And this trip takes you to the very roots in a lot of ways. An experience I'll be drawing energy from long into the future, and one I look forward to repeating. // J. from Berlin
The Pelourinho with its very own charm, Bahian food and drink, but much more the workshop in a lovely, bright, and cheerful group, several impressive concerts and musical encounters with other musicians - all of this made the trip a very special experience. Big thanks to Krista and Dudu. I'll be having sweet memories of this travel experience for a long time to come, and can well imagine doing it again.// Rainer
…what we experienced there on the human, musical and many other levels, I cannot describe, so I carry it within me as a treasure. I was and am still deeply touched by so much openness, movement, rhythm, exchange, intimacy and distance that I can only say: I would do this trip, this workshop, again immediately and if I have the good fortune of experiencing that amazing network of support again, it won‘t be the last time... // ate logo Elke
What a more beautiful way to start the year? I know nothing better! A workshop full of relish, warm-hearted encounters with Brazilians, and friendly life within the group, the way I like it. Blocos drummers right up close for hands-on work with a first-class programm. Sitting under the starry sky with nice people, gazing at the man in the moon, being caressed by the wind, lazing in a hammock under palm trees. The trip with all of you was indescribably beautiful for me. Muito obrigada. I can well imagine going here a third time. // daguimar
I cannot thank you both enough for my time in Brasil. The workshop itself and the people and activities surrounding it gave me simply the finest time of my life so far. In both the technical aspects and in the warmth of human understanding I have been taken to places which I did not know existed. I was very tired when I left but have arrived home full of energy and with a lot of (musical) work to do. With very much love!
Simon Evans from Cornwall
Still thinking very often of our marvelous time we had together in Bahia...
Brasilien ist noch gar nicht so lange her, und nicht zuletzt dank deines Oganisationtalentes Krista,
ist es für alle Beteiligten sensationell verlaufen.
Thomas K.