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Candomblé Rhythms
Workshop for atabaques and congas

07.10. - 09.10.2022

This workshop offers the rare opportunity to get to know the ritual rhythms and songs of the Afro-Brazilian tradition, which have huge significance for modern Brazilian music. Dudu will rehearse various Candomblé and Umbanda rhythms to provide an introduction to the musical principals of this traditional music style.

Candomblé drums

The main instruments are atabaques and congas, which are played with the hands or with sticks, depending on the tradition. Both variations of hand and stick technique will be taught. While the solo-phrasings train improvisational skills, the accompanying voices of the bateria can be played on the timba, repinique or snare. The atabaques and congas will be complemented with agogô and xequerê, and the songs will be sung along to the music in Portugeuse and Yoruba . A limited number of congas can be reserved; the atabaques we have available will be used in the workshop.

CD-Tip: Dudu's lifelong work with the music of the Afro-Brazilian religions has already resulted in two CDs: The CD Amacy released in 2005 is a collection of Umbanda music and the Candomblé-CD Orishas was already released in 1994.
Fr. 07.10. | 18:00 – So. 09.10.2022 | 12:00
Lesson time 13 Hrs.
155 €
Granatenstr. 4, 13409 Berlin