Surprising Sounds from Brazil...
by Dudu Tucci, the Master of Brazilian Rhythm


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Forte Rede
Cava Asfalto
Alegria Esverdeada
Meio Termo
Tem um Preço
Gol Glorifica

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New Release!

Sticks – 02/2007
Brazilian Dudu Tucci sourrounds himself with - for him – unaccustomedly trendy sounds on his recently released album “Nadador”, which offers a multitude of smoothly flowing songs, some catchy melodies, ethno sounds, modern beats and also tunes with a reggae touch. “Nadador” actually means swimmer, but the significance of the word goes much deeper and, on this album, refers also to the element water – a symbol of the flow of life. The frequently introverted songs seem to reflect many of the impressions life bestows on us – a state between tranquility, dreams, transience, peace and love. Also in evidence are Dudu Tucci’s brilliant qualities as a Brazil groove percussion artist, and as ever he presents himself as multi-instrumentalist, singer, lyricist and arranger. Accompanied by a band consisting of Eudinho Soares (guitar, bass), Zito Ferreira (drums) and Leticia Coura and Adriana Caparelli (vocals), “Nadador” is a melodious album with songs and sounds which will delight Dudu Tucci’s fans.
Folker! 1/2007
In contrast to his last album, which might be classified as a good solid middle-of-the-road product, in “Nadador” the Berlin-resident Brazilian percussionist has come up with a real little masterpiece. The title, by the way, translates as “swimmer”; Tucci sees water as the symbol of the flow of life, a river in which we all paddle along. Just as the characters in his songs do: to the sound of Umbanda drums we meet the fisherman (“Jangadeiro”) who, with his raft, is at the mercy of the goddess Yemanjá, and in “Cidade” we roam with the bass guitar through the asphalt jungle of the city. We listen to the chanting of the Repentistas, which mutates into rap in “Cava Asfalto” and, of course, during a musical journey to the North East, we meet the traditional dancers moving to the beat of the classic maracatu rhythms. Complex arrangements and eclectic melodies make for an exciting album all round, where each track opens up new worlds and yet remains true to its Brazilian roots. Multi-instrumentalist Tucci is skilfully accompanied by guitar and bass player Eudinho Soares and drummer Zito Ferreira, the elf-like voices of Leticia Coura and Adriana Caparelli lend the music a breezy touch. My personal favourite: “Forte Rede”.Suzanne Cords
Drums & Percussion, Edition January/February 2007
“Obviously, on this CD, the master percussionist from Brazil goes into World Music in the widest sense. But the musician, who is also a composer and lyricist, does it in his very own, open-minded way. Alongside traditional instruments, techniques and styles, modern influences are present, or rather, tradition builds a foundation for them. In this way, World Music enters the new year – and with “Nadador” Dudu Tucci shows the way. Interesting (in particular the two bonus tracks), but – viewed in its entirety – not appealing all the time.”
Article in Blue Rhythm, November 2006
“Dudu Tucci drums again. The master percussionist from Bahia has already followed the trail of so many Brazilian rhythms: those of the Candomblé religion and also the street rhythms of his native country. On the 15 tracks of “Nadador”, Tucci presents himself as a generally relaxed driving force in a multifaceted programme.
Supported by Eudinho Soares on guitar and bass and other artists like singers Leticia Coura and Adriana Caparelli on vocals, the Brazilian has succeeded in creating an eclectic album. Fluent rap, breezy vocals, Samba and Samba-Reggae vibes, cheerful vitality but also subtle reticence and perceptible nonchalance are the trademarks of “Nadador”. Tradition is gently combined with modernity – resulting in a pleasurable musical experience by no means only for percussion freaks.” cg
Jazztethik November 2006
“Dudu Tucci, the Brazilian percussionist and singer living in Germany, has long since metamorphosed from recording percussion albums to being an established MPB musician. With Nadador, he attempts to appeal to a new audience with a rhythmically straight, almost new-wave-style sound. On account of this, many of the songs have turned out monotonous. His melodic approach comes across much better, and a few of the songs, like “Tem um Preco” would have profited from a few chord changes. He would also have done better to avoid the remix “Cava Rede”, based on the first song “Forte Rede”. All this does is to sacrifice a nice melody to the dance-floor, and that in a one-dimensional mix. But on “Forte Rede” itself, as in a good few other songs, Dudu Tucci proves that he can be as talented a songwriter as he is as a percussionist and that he has an impressive voice.”
“Today I heard your CD for the first time. It’s really good and I enjoyed it enormously. The style of the different tracks is so wide-ranging, really exciting!”
Dirk Krechel
“I’ve spent the last two evenings enjoying your new CD. I really like it. Each track starts in a way that makes one eager to know what comes next. Each one has something special about it and its very own style, in other words it’s a very varied CD. And nice grooves and vocals. I am really looking forward to the translations of the lyrics, because, unfortunately, I don’t speak Portuguese. All in all an inspired CD.”
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