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Conditions of Contract for the Courses

Each person is responsible for him /herself: the organizer is not responsible for any losses, damages, or injuries to participants or their property. In the case of the organizer cancelling the course, only the course fee will be refunded.

To register, please fill in and send the attached form to the contact address and pay the fee by money transfer or charge the cost to your account. Registration will not be valid until payment is completed; this will be confirmed in writing. Registration deadline is 4 weeks before the first day of said course, after that cancellation of the contract is only possible per post and for a processing fee of 30% of the total course cost. For cancellation within one week of the course a 50% fee will be charged, for cancellation one day before or for no-shows the entire fee of 100% will be charged. Participants may send a replacement person to take part in the course. We recommend registering well in advance.

Use of Media
Audio and visual recordings may only be made during the workshop with explicit permission from the teacher, and for private use only.
Publications/postings of visual, audio, or music compositions in social media or press are strictly forbidden, or may only be made with permission from the teacher. All compositions used in the workshop are registered at Gema (German licensing and registration association/performing rights society). Use of composition material on any kind of recording requires payment of a fee. Please ask us for the Gema registration number.

The following conditions are valid for the Brazilian workshop:
A down payment of 50% is due at registration, the other 50% must be transferred by October 31st at the latest. If a cancellation is made after October 31st, a 50% workshop fee will be charged. For cancellations after January 1st, the full workshop fee of 100% will be charged. This is also valid in the case of illness or circumstances beyond your control. In this case you may send some one else to take your place in the workshop.
Organizer: "Musik u. Tanz ohne Grenzen e.V."
Schleiermacher Str. 24, 10961 Berlin
Tel.: 0152 340 927 12
Registration, Contact: Krista Zeißig, Schleiermacherstr. 24, 10961 Berlin
Tel.: 0152 340 927 12
Email: info@pac-berlin.de
Discounts for Samba schools and groups: For "Samba-Fever" we grant Samba-schools (at least 8 people) a discount upon registration. Please ask for details.
Bank information for charging to your account: Musik und Tanz ohne Grenzen e.V.; Postbank, Bank code: 100 100 10, Account Nr.: 0 636 521 107 Headword: "Dudu Tucci" and which course
IBAN DE40 1001 0010 0636 5211 07